Brazilian Blowout

Brazilian Blowout

Struggling to tame those stray fly-away hairs? Book an appointment today at our ladies’ salon in Karama for the best anti-frizz hair solution. The Brazilian Blowout is the best hair solution for silky hair. Doesn’t matter if your hair is curly, wavy, or straight, the Brazilian Blowout works on all hair types to nourish, moisturize and provide healthy bouncy hair. If you want quick and easy hairstyles and to be able to be ready for a party or meeting in 10 minutes flat, the Brazilian Blowout solution offered by the best salon in Karama is the answer to how to make your hair look healthy. With primarily plant-based ingredients, the actual brand Brazilian Blowout provides you with the best solution for frizz and acts as the best hair care service. Read here to know details of our Brazilian Blowout service.

Our Service-Keratin Treatments

Keratin Treatments

Tired of the daily battle of fixing your hair? Get silky smooth shiny hair from the best salon for Keratin! Hair Talkz uses the best in-brand of Keratin treatments i.e. the GK Keratin. Hair Keratin treatments are the best anti-frizz solution options you can gift yourself. Visit the best salon for keratin treatments at Hair Talkz Beauty Salon and enjoy perfect shiny hair that’s moisturized and cared for. Say goodbye to wild frizzy hair and hello to bouncy silky hair with the best Keratin treatment on the market. To know more about the best keratin, click here.

Our Service-Hair Spa and Hair Care_image

Hair Spa and Hair Care

Your hair needs a hair spa just as much as you do. The best solution to repair damaged hair is to give your hair the best hair care it needs. Our Lakme-awarded stylists at Hair Talkz will examine your hair texture and offer the best solution for all hair types and hair problems be it straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair, frizzy hair, dry hair, dull hair, or even damaged hair. Being the best salon for hair care, our range of special hair spas is designed specifically to moisturize frizzy and dry hair, condition for soft, silky, and bouncy hair, and repair damaged hair. Hair Talkz Beauty Salon offers the best of hair care and hair spas with Olaplex treatment, Moremo Hair Treatment, TiGi Hair Spa, or even simple oil massages. Our hair care experts at the best ladies’ salon in Karama will indulge you and your hair with the best hair care for healthy shiny bouncy hair. Gift yourself that spa day now with a specialized Olaplex treatment at Hair Talkz Beauty Salon.

Our Service-Hair Highlights and Color_image

Hair Highlights & Color

Refresh your look and give yourself a hair makeover with our specialists in Hair Color. Hair Talkz Beauty Salon does all type of Highlights, including Balayage, Ombre Highlights, Pastel Highlights, Blonde Highlights, Foil Highlights, Highlight Correction and so much more. In addition to Highlights, we also offer hair color services for root color, balayage color, color correction, pastel hair color or the next crazy fashion color that’s been tugging at your heart strings. Certified by Lakme, our stylists at Hair Talkz Beauty Salon take care of all hair color needs. As the best salon for hair color, we use the best products for hair color which are the likes of GK color, Matrix color and the specialized, Agora by Schwarzkopf. Get your hair color toned, your root color touch-up or go for a complete new look with pastel color, balayage, ombre or so much more with the best ladies’ salon in Karama at the Park Regis Hotel today.

Our Service-Hairstyling_image

Hair Styling

Haven’t got a hair smoothening treatment done yet? Your hair hasn’t gone through the hair rebonding treatments that leave it permanently styled. You need to mold those tresses into the stylish hairstyle that goes with the trendy look. Get the best hair cut, blowout or blowdry along with trendy hairstyle at HairTalkz Beauty Salon today. Specializing in trendy hair styling, stylish hair cuts, best blowdry and blowouts, HairTalkz offers you the best hair cut and silky looking hair from our professional blowdry for that perfect evening out or weekend getaway.

Our Service-Permanent Straightening_image

Permanent Straightening

With hair straightening, hair rebonding and hair smoothening treatments designed to give you the best hairstyle look, our expert stylists at Hair Talkz Beauty Salon give you permanently straightened poker-straight hair today. As the best hair smoothening salon, we offer you the best smoothening and hair rebonding treatments to leave your hair shiny, smooth and in control. The best solution to getting rid of the frizzy hair look and an immediate repair for the damaged hair look, our ladies’ salon pampers you with our Schwarzkopf strait therapy, special Yuko Japanese treatment, straight gloss therapy and Nutri smooth hair treatment.

Our Service-Bridal Makeup_image

Bridal Makeup

Your special day comes only once. Treat yourself (and your entire bridal party) to our special bridal makeup and bridal hair styling with some of the best make-up artists and hair stylists in the city.

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